Pure hearted orphan

Taken in by master Aspre, Engy is a young orphan who has no ties. His main goal consists in obtaining an Ayio to defend the people he cherishes.

He will be facing his Ayio, impulsive and aggressive. It will, despite himself, be guided by his fate that will led him on a perilous road.


Twin of Goddess Demeter

Twin sister of Goddess Demeter. Demee learned the Warrior Art despite herself. Careless, she is always looking for having fun. Being a straight talker bring her often into problems but she can always count on Engy to get through them.
Heir to an extraordinary fate, she will live an adventure filled with twists and turns.


Mysterious and spiritual Master

Pope stripped of Goddess Hestia, his role is to manage the security of cities. Harsh will take in Engy, an orphan crossed in Sicily. He will raise Engy and Demee, and teach them the warrior Art.

Later on, Aspre will do anything to protect them, even risking his life.


Guardian of the Spirits

Mabro is the pope of the Death and the servant of god Hades. His role is to focus on the deceased and funeral ceremonies. He is also in charge of helping souls to reach the afterlife.

Mabro has also a difficult task, taking Demee’s life, and so allow goddess Demeter to reach Mount Olympus.


Reckless Murderer

He is one of pope Mabro’s warrior and is part of the Fates warriors. He also has the mission to take Demee’s life to restore the balance of the goddess Demeter.

Shin is a warrior bold, clever and dangerous. He knows the art of killing, and killing is his job. He will be Engy’s very first enemy.


Pope of the Lights

Representative of god Apollo on Earth, Pope Kitrines is devoted to medicine, science and art. He is very intelligent and attractive.

Kitrines will deal with the situation of the city faster than anyone. He will do everything to restore calm to the city by finding Aspre, risking his own life.


Lord of War

Lord of War, Pope Kokkina is worthy of god Ares. Primarily motivated by fight, he is the first pope sent to take care of Aspre.

His determination and passion are such that he is ready to die in combat.


Artichoke heart nymph

She’s known as Ayio of Demee. Fany is a creature that uses the spirits of Nature to protect the young girl. She is very childish and cheerful; she has a childish look.

Despite the danger, Fany will follow Demee throughout her adventures and help her, even though Epifany appears...


From noble descent

Born in a noble line of descent, he decides to leave his city for a warrior lifestyle and become stronger. He will meet Engy in Italy and will encourage him to participate in the tournament in Mars in Rome.

Spyra will have to risk his life because his fate is linked to the one of Engy and Demee.




Father of Popes

The Patriarch is the head of popes. It is the direct link to Mount Olympus and one of the privileged ones who can meet the gods in person. He is the guardian of peace in the cities and handles problems through the popes.

He is the patriarch making the final decisions and ordering to find Aspre and Demee.


General Griffin

Loyal and majestic, the general Griffin is the right hand of Pope Aspre. Servant of goddess Hestia, he is one of the top generals having the task to find back Aspre.

Back in Athens, he will be chased for betrayal.


General Basilisk

Noble General Basilisk, he is the right hand of Mabro, the pope of god Hades. He is a devoted general that respects hierarchy above all.

He will face General Griffin and will do everything necessary to find Aspre and restore peace in the city.


Pope of the Nature

Protector and servant of goddess Demeter. Pope Prassina will overprotect the little goddess Demeter until this one joins Mount Olympus.

Naturally suspicious, he will not have peace of mind as long as goddess Demeter’s sister is not found.


Goddess of Nature

Goddess of Nature, Demeter can’t activate her power and reach Mount Olympus as long as her twin is alive. Quiet and discreet, she can’t control her spiritual energy.

Heiress of an uncommon destiny, she will live an adventure filled with twists and turns.