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Eleusis, sacred city, remains under the protection of the goddess of Nature, which provides abundance, harvest and peace. Located in central Greece, on the Gulf of Salamis, Eleusis is located along the sea. It's a big city where stands a giant cliff in the middle of it...

It is nature, it is the countryside, there is life down and around this island where lies the sanctuary of Eleusis. It's a place so sacred that silence takes naturally place. A nice penetrating, energizing silence. A place that inspires poets and writers. A place around which every living being has a special connection with Nature.

  • The training of Engy - Manga - Kaos Genesis

The training of Engy

Meanwhile, Master Aspre is giving his full attention to his other disciple. Engy, very focused, staring at him, waits for the exercise to begin. Without moving, his instructor raises rocks from the floor and make them float in the air, using psychokinesis. Engy continues to look at the floating stones in front of him. He is ready.

Master Aspre, motionless, sends several stones in his direction. Engy sees them coming to him and dodge them before they could reach him. His agility is outstanding. Her teacher decided to make things more difficult.