It is in a divided world where discord, disorder, corruption and chaos reign, gods make the decision to walk back to earth to restore peace and order among mankind. A new turning point begins then for humanity.

Through all civilizations, gods choose their representatives among mortals. In Greece, led by the Patriarch, popes ensure the reincarnation of their gods so that they can sit down on Olympus, sacred throne of Greece.

Goddess Demeter is so far the last divinity not yet reincarnate. Her descendants just had twins. Two beautiful girls that must be separated by the weight of their divine destiny and the merciless reality that wants only one of the twins to be kept alive and the other executed, to ensure Goddess Demeter’s return. A reality disturbed by the sudden kidnapping of one of the twins by pope Aspre, faithful representative of Goddess Hestia on earth. However, this sacrilege does not go unnoticed, as it will be quickly discovered by another pope.

One decade later, the sweet face of the twin reappear in a faraway region in Italy. Demee grew up with pope Aspre together with a young boy, Engy. A pair of young, sharp, assertive, courageous and above all inseparable minds. They learn together the Warrior Art to acquire Gods’Ayio.

The young girl, playful and clever, acting like a tomboy, hides at the same time her thirst for affection of her sister who does not even know anything about her existence. Still, she knows she can count on her loyal friend, Engy, which she considers like her brother and shares a great complicity with. Their tranquility is threatened by other popes and warriors who manage to find them, while death floats over Demee again. During the long struggle and endless quest for survival that must endure the twin, she keeps on wondering why her friends and herself have been cursed. Their fate will lead them to unusual encounters, meet and discover the mysteries of different civilizations...

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